Washing machine type CLE
with technology for removal
of label from crates.

We would like to introduce you this innovative technology developed by us which allows remove labels from crates without additional consumption of clean water.

The main advantages of the new technology are:

Removal of min. 99 % of labels and their residues

Washing pressure between 150 – 300 bar depending on the capacity and type of label

Highly economical and energy-efficient solution

  • the process of removing labels is carried out
    with optimized water consumption
  • no additional clean water is required for
    the label removal process
  • only the cleaning liquid from the tank
    of the machine is used to remove the labels

Dear business partners,

the company NERKON s.r.o. has been successfully developing, manufacturing and supplying industrial washing machines for all sectors in the food and non-food industry for 15 years. Supplies its machines worldwide. We manufacture serial washing machines, the use of which has proven successful over the years, as well as specific solutions tailored to specific customer requirements.

You are interested in the new technology of removing labels from crates and want to know more?

We will be happy to welcome you in our production plant in Český Rudolec and demonstrate machine type CLE equipped with label removal technology.

We look forward to

hearing from you

and to meeting you

at our factory!

Do you have any questions? Our experience sales team will be happy to assist you.

Mr. Ing. Jiří Burda
Owner, managing director
+420 724 970 668
Communication in German and Czech

Mr. Bc. Roman Havlík
+420 602 729 412
Communication in English and Czech

Mr. Přemysl Rujbr
Assistant to the Sales
+420 727 874 678
Communication in English and Czech

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